Sound Sample Saturday – Forever Festive Chapter 14 and Other News…

Sometimes you get a sneak peek at the next book cover, but every once in a while, it gets a sneak peek at you…

I thought you might enjoy this little peek at the cover for “Forever Chosen” the next installment of the Forever Detective Series. In “Forever Chosen” will bring back a number of familiar faces, both friends and foes, as well as a couple of new faces (unless you’ve been reading “W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever” which is also available in both e-book and paperback formats).

When it comes to book covers, I work closely with Allan to come up with the images, going so far as to actually doing some of the artwork in the final product along with him. Allan often turns to me to ask what kind of subject matter I want to see used in the image. I’ve like to aim for covers with a bit of a ‘vintage feel’. Specifically, I want a cover that has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. One that takes you back to the days of the old pulp magazines that once covered the walls of a newspaper stand. And between the two of us, I like to think we achieve that effect. I hope you agree and enjoy the images that we come up with.

I also insist that any image that goes on the cover, is a scene or a mix of events that actually happen in the story itself. Or as in the case of “Forever Festive” an image that captures the spirit of the story within the book. Currently, Allan is working on the cover of “Forever Chosen” (as displayed at the top of this entry) and once he has it finished, he’ll be putting the rest of the book into the correct format for publishing. In the meantime, we’ll be preparing a book trailer for you, at which time he’ll start to work on the audio version of the book. So stay tuned to this blog for more news and giveaways coming soon…

In the meantime, I have another audio chapter from “Forever Festive” for you to enjoy.

Sadly, this is where Sound Sample Saturday ends for this particular book. But if you’re eager to hear how things turn out for Rafael and Clara, simply click on the appropriate link for the device you enjoy listening to audiobooks on below:


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A Special Christmas Present to You All

We’re interrupting the “Forever Festive” audios to bring you another audio that is from my latest release “W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever”. As most of you already know, that book is a collection of short stories about the team of special people who work for Sir Lynne Fox. His W. I. T. C. H. Hunters have been mentioned in several of Rafael’s stories and you actually got to meet a few of them already such as Sir Lynne himself, Clara, and Medium Brown.

However, one story in the collection is a Christmas story focusing on Sir Lynne and his family, as they investigate the legendary Krampus. And as we are in the midst of the holiday season, I asked my husband/voice narrator Allan to do an audio version of that story, after he recently did an unabridged reading/presentation of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”, complete with imagery, over on YouTube. After seeing and hearing the results, I asked him to do the same with my “Krampus Lessons” story. And he just finished it today on Christmas Eve. 

So please sit back and enjoy our little holiday presentation and have a very Merry Christmas!.

PS: The audios for “Forever Festive” will resume early next week.

New Non-Amazon Distributors for W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever…

Sorry for the long delay, but we’ve recently switched from Smashwords to Draft2Digital for non-Amazon e-book releases and there was a bit of a learning curve. For one thing we learned that Smashwords and Draft2Digital (D2D) have recently merged, and that getting books uploaded onto D2D is much easier. 

However, there was a learning curve along the way, but Allan (my husband/voice actor) managed to finally learn the new formatting and I am proud to announce that “W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever” is now available in the following e-book formats:

Barnes and Noble: W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever by Helen Krummenacker | eBook | Barnes & Noble® (

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Indigo Link:W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever eBook by Helen Krummenacker Kobo Edition |

And if you’re looking for other links, just click on this Books2Read Link which will show you even more places where you can find “W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever” along with other fine books.


Also, please remember to rate and review the book wherever you get your copy, and if you happen to be on Goodreads, please leave a rate and review there as well. Remember, reviews and ratings can make or break a book or a series. Thank you and happy reading.

W.I.T.C.H. Hunters Forever update

 I know it’s taken longer than expected, but life got in the way. This weekend we have gotten everything formatted for the proof copy except the back cover. I need to choose a photo!

Maybe this random one  will work. Might just be odd enough for a story collection about witches, spies, mysteries, and sabotage!

Sound Sample Saturday — Chapter 3 of “Forever’s Too Long”

Today we bring you the 3rd chapter in Rafael and Clara’s ongoing adventure, which takes us to the streets of New York where we’ll meet some of the friends Rafael has made during his days as a beat cop. I hope you enjoy this little stroll through 1940’s New York City.


Sorry for the shortness of today’s offering but I’m certain you’ll enjoy next week’s longer offering where we get to meet yet another face from Rafael’s past. Mind you, this one won’t be quite so friendly. 


And if you can’t wait until then, just click on the appropriate link for the device you enjoy listening to audiobooks on below to continue the adventure:

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****RELEASE DAY – “Forever In Deep****


Book 3 of the Forever Detective Series
is now available

Rafael Jones is always a little out of his depth in rural settings, but he’s not just a detective, he’s also undead. He can’t ignore the call from the Saratoga County coroner when she mentions the bite marks found on several drowning victims during the spring and summer of 1947.

However, he knows his weaknesses (sunlight, running water, and a woeful lack of country manners), so he isn’t working alone. His slowly developing powers and quick wits may not be a match for something old, strong in magic, and completely cursed.

Available now in all e-book formats for $3.99 at:

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*Also available in Trade Paperback for $12.99 at Amazon OR “Signed” copies available by contacting/e-mailing the author at: 

Pre-orders Available

For those who are ready to pre-order, these sites are taking preorders now:

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Not sure if you’re interested? Check out this book trailer!

“Forever In Deep” will be released this Friday, May 29th, 2020!

Book Trailer – “Forever In Deep”


The 3rd installment of the Forever Detective Book Series.

A brand new tale in the after-life of  Rafael Jones, private investigator/vampire.

No sooner has our hero wrapped up a case involving the ghost of a flapper at the hands of her former mobster boyfriend, that he finds himself venturing back upstate in the summer to investigate a series of mysterious drownings. Now working in the summer is hard enough for a vampire, but add running water to the mix and you’ve got… well, check out the trailer and you’ll get a good idea of what dangers await in this brand new adventure

“Forever in Deep” will be available later this month in all e-book formats, as well as trade paperback at all the usual online book stores.

writer pillow

One of the common questions a writer gets is: why do you write?

It’s not just a valid question– it’s one every writer has to work out. The fact is, writing is time consuming. If you write short, nonfiction pieces, you can probably make a decent living off of doing that. “For the money” is definitely a good answer for someone doing that.

But a novelist? Unless you are famous already, your chances of making good money from it is very low. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at writing. What really matters is being good at marketing. In fact, if you’re doing it for money, people will tell you to research the markets before you even start writing, because you have to decide not what story to tell but what story will sell. Fame is at least as long a shot as money. If you want fame, you might do better creating a YouTube show because it asks people to invest less time to consume your product.

Other people will tell you it’s a compulsion. They need to put down the words to get it out of their system. It sounds good. It suggests the story is semi-autobiographical, something that has deep meaning to them and may reveal their soul. But a lot of people say it. I don’t know how common a real sense of compulsion is, and it sounds pretty awful to experience. While I am regularly drawn to write, I can easily opt to keep my ideas to myself, and, in fact, it takes discipline for me to keep up the daily effort. I can daydream in my head without anything like the time cost  of putting it into words.

So what motivates me? I want to make readers happy. Yes, they may experience some fear or have their heartstrings pulled, but overall, my novels will make you laugh, have a vicarious experience of friendship, the satisfaction of resolutions… I want people to feel good and have a chance to recover from a world that is plenty stressful.

That’s all. I’m donating books to libraries. I’m willing to give free copies to get reviews. But it’s frustrating because it is very, very hard to reach a larger audience. What would you recommend for getting the word out about my books?


Amazon Link: Forever Haunted Amazon

Ultimate Final Cover Forevers Too Long GIMP

Amazon Link: Forevers Too Long Amazon