Sound Sample Saturday– Forever Haunted, Chapter 1

 Sorry to cut Forever’s Too Long Short, but we’re skipping to Forever Haunted. 

Ghost stories take many forms. I’ve always preferred the stories where they are tragic figures, and I’ve often been interested in cold cases and the struggle to investigate them. 

So Rafael meets a lovey ghost of a flapper who is compelled to keep reliving her murder, and he’ll do what it takes to help free her. The first chapter does contain spoilers of a sort from Forever’s Too Long, so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to know how the detective is around in this one, you might want to wait until you’ve finished it.

On the other hand, if you just want to find out how attention-grabbing a first chapter can be, press play


And if you can’t wait until then, just click on the appropriate link for the device you enjoy listening to audiobooks on below to continue the adventure:

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